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MAPPING YOUR QUEST: What Is A Virtual Retreat?

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You’ve already started, did you know?

If you’re looking at the world/ parenting differently, you’re already on a hero’s journey. A traditional telling of a hero’s journey begins with Hearing A Call, one that pulls you out of your day to day routine and asks, Is this all there is? When a hero decides to Answer The Call they begin the journey by Leaving The Ordinary World.

​​Traditionally, men have been the ones going on a Hero’s Journey. Think about it, all the epic stories are men. Even Joseph Campbell directly acknowledged this, saying that women didn’t need to go on a Hero’s Journeys because their roles were clear: they were to have babies and raise them. However, women and mothers in this day and time do go on Hero’s Journeys. The challenge is that we don’t have role models and generations of history of women doing this. We may be the first women in the histories of our families to be doing this. But there are others out there also on this journey. We need to find each other and gather together to support this most important time in our history.

  • Why is Parenting a Heros Journy?If you’ve made a conscious decision about where and how to birth, you’re on a Hero’s Journey.
  • If you’d made conscious decisions about how to feed your family or where your young children were going to sleep, you’re on a Hero’s Journey.
  • If you’ve looked at different options for how to school your children, you’re on a Hero’s Journey.
  • If you’ve considered alternative health care, you’re on a Hero’s Journey.
  • If you’ve looked at how you’re parenting and made conscious decisions about your parenting (whether you’ve been able to do what you’d like yet or not), you’re on a Hero’s Journey.
  • If you’ve made conscious decisions about your intimate relationships– staying connected and together, moving forward single with the family’s needs in mind, or moving forward after a partner leaves, you’re on a Hero’s Journey.

We have an epic journey planned for you in 2015. Join us as we walk with our guides each month to gain support and guidance, connection with other parents on their own Hero’s Journeys, as we provide a torch to light the way forward for you and your family.

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Rebecca Thompson, MS

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