Parenting As A Hero's Journey Circle GraphicParenting As A Hero’s Journey calls upon the insights of Joseph Campbell’s Great Monomyth Wheel – the universal structure of storytellers – that helps us as individuals and communities to create and understand the personal and collective stories/mythologies we live by.  As Campbell teaches us, we all makie daily and life choices through these personal mythologies, which serve as our lenses, or worldviews. Campbell believes it is our unique quest to discover these personal mythologies and then to retool them to our higher purposes. With parents, many of these mythologies are passed down unconsciously through family traditions and cultural conditioning.  To become aware of our own mythologies and claim authorship of our own stories is the purpose of all forms of conscious parenting.  

If you are a parent who is questioning cultural norms, feeling out of place in the world, or unsatisfied with your “identity” as a parent, you are hearing the ancient “Call To Adventure.” This Call has inspired heroines and heroes of ancient and modern mythology to leave their day to day lives in search of “Something Else Our Hearts Believe Is Possible.”  Today, it is the parents who are answering this ancient call that are transforming themselves, and therefore the world.  Below you will find a collection of this year’s conscious parenthood guides through the monomyth wheel above.  Some of these Virtual Retreats are available ON DEMAND while others are LIVE.  We welcome you to join our Fellowship of the Sling and find companions for your journey.


What Is A Virtual Retreat?

What Will I Experience, Learn and Keep?

What Are Other Parents Saying?


When You Called Upon Your Imagination to Create Your World?

You Still Can.

Kindred Einstein GraphicThe science is in.

We “know” everything we need to know to nurture ourselves, our families, our communities and our Earth.

Perhaps what is needed now is not another study or scientific fact.

Perhaps what is needed is a willingness to follow a call to adventure, an adventure that promises to shift our awareness in a way that helps us to return to the wholeness of ourselves and remember…

  • How to imagine.
  • How to play.
  • How to construct the whole-hearted adventure we want to experience.
  • And how to be present so we don’t miss a single enchanted moment of our precious lives.


Your Fellowship Of The Sling Guides, Here and Below, Believe Parenting IS A Hero’s Journey.

Join a Band of International Travelers and Your Wise Guides on an Adventure That Includes:





Robin Grille, Author of Parenting for a Peaceful World – NOW ON DEMANDrobin
Kelly Wendorf, Author of Belonging and Founder of Kindred Magazine – NOW ON DEMANDkw125x125

Karen Brody, “Birth” Playwright and Founder of BOLD Tranquility – NOW ON DEMAND

Karen Brody

Lysa Parker and Barbara Nicholson, Authors of Attached At The Heart  and Founders of API – NOW ON DEMAND!!

lysa and barbara


Elly Taylor, Author of Becoming Us, Contributing Editor, Kindred Mediaelly

Teresa Graham-Brett, JD, Author of Parenting for Social Change and Founder of The Parent Liberation Allianceteresa graham brett

Michael Mendizza, Author of Magical Parent, Magical Child and Founder of Touch the Futuremichael mendizza

John Breeding, PhD, Author of The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses and Founder of Texans for Safe Educationjohn breeding


Meryn Callander, Author of Why Dads Leave: Insights and Resources for When Partners Become ParentsMeryn Callander Head Shot 2-15

Rebecca Thompson, MS, Author of Consciously Parenting and Founder of The Consciously Parenting ProjectRebecca Thompson 250x250

Lisa Reagan, Executive Editor for Kindred Media, Founder of Families for Conscious Living and Creator of Parenting As A Hero’s Journeylisareagan250x250

Your WISEST GUIDE OF ALL IS… YOU!!! Join Your Fellowship of the Sling Adventurers and Become the Hero of Your Own Journey!PAHJ Banner Family Photo