Lisa Reagan
Lisa Reagan

On a Mother (of a) Quest for 17 years as an award-winning journalist, activist and nonprofit visionary, Lisa Reagan explores the space between our unsustainable industrial story and the emerging story of what is possible for Cultural Creative families – who are leading the way forward.

Lisa is a co-founder of the nonprofit, Families for Conscious Living and the executive editor of, Kindred Media and Community, an alternative media and nonprofit educational project of FCL. Lisa shares her personal stories of shifting in features, such as Spiritual Composting, in Kindred and other conscious parenting publications. In her presentations at conferences and workshops, she inspires parents to look toward Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey for guidance on transforming themselves as a path to transforming our unsustainable culture.  Her Parenting As A Hero’s Journey Virtual Retreats and publication will launch in March 2015.

Lisa’s Kindred Fireside Chats and interviews with conscious living leaders, like Deepak Chopra, MD; Paul Ray, PhD; Marilyn Schlitz, PhD; Thom Hartmann; Joseph Chilton Pearce and others, continue to forge the New Story of holistic family wellness at a time when the United States ranks last among all developed nations for infant, child and maternal wellness.  Watch Kindred’s New Story video series, produced by Lisa and her husband of 27 years, Keith, on Vimeo and You Tube Channels. Lisa is featured in the film documentary, The Love Bomb. Her forthcoming books share her 17 year adventure exploring the conscious living movement.

Her vision of serving Cultural Creative families is currently carried forward through nonprofit collaborations through Kindred’s Pioneering Partners Project, and over 300 international Pathways Connect Gathering Groups sponsored by Pathways to Family Wellness. (Listen to the FCL story.)  In 2013, Pathways received three Hermes awards for the issue featuring Lisa’s interview with Jamie Grumet on her experience as Time magazine’s breastfeeding cover mom: The Cover Shot Heard ‘Round The World: An Interview With Conscious Parenting Revolutionary, Jamie Grumet.

More About Lisa’s Nonprofit Work

Lisa is also honored to serve on the advisory board for the new and first-of-its-kind, Museum of Motherhood, MOM, in New York City, where she helped to coordinate the first ever Mindful Mothering conference in November 2011.  She serves on the venerable Touch the Future’s board of directors as of 2012, and is working with founder, Michael Mendizza, to create an adult learning center from TTF’s 30 years of video interviews with thought leaders and research scientists who connect the dots between child development and sustainable living.  She also serves on the Resource Advisory Council for Attachment Parenting International and their Journal of Attachment Parenting International.

Lisa’s exploration of the obstacles to conscious living led her to become a trained facilitator of the Worldview Literacy Project through the Institute of Noetic Sciences, IONS, in 2011.  She incorporates consciousness research, including that of IONS, into her written and live presentations on holistic family wellness to small groups and conferences. In 2012, Lisa served as the EarthRise Retreat Center at IONS’ Writer-in-Residence for their first ever Residency ProjectOmnibus One.

Her professional journalism background includes being the former East Coast Editor-at-Large for the groundbreaking, natural parenting magazine Mothering and the US Contributing Editor to the first global magazine on sustainable family living, byronchild, later named Kindred magazine.  From 2007 to 2013, FCL partnered with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association to produce the award-winning magazine, Pathways to Family Wellness as a nonprofit collaboration with Lisa as the publication’s associate editor.

In 2007, 2012 – 2014, she served as a judge for the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence college journalism awards.  In the very beginning of her career, she worked at the Virginia newspaper, The Daily Press, where she earned two Virginia Press Association awards for Gulf War Special Editions of the paper, Coming Home Proud.

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