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Do You Feel Like There’s More To Parenthood Than Overwhelm And Routine?

Perhaps You Are Hearing An Ancient Call To Explore Your Instincts And Use Your Imagination

To Write A New Story Of Parenthood

Did You Know? If You’re Rejecting Modern, Uber Parenting Mythology And

Blazing Your Own Path Through Parenthood,

You’re Already On Your Hero’s Journey!


But there is no need to go it alone! You are invited to join the Fellowship of the Sling, an international gathering of parents who, by exploring parenthood from their hearts and instincts, are transforming themselves, their relationships with their children and partners, all the while unmasking modern parenting mythologies.

Join ON DEMAND virtual retreats with some of the most dynamic and inspirational authors and activists of the conscious parenting movement.

You get: two live recorded calls, one Deep Dive webinar, nine Breadcrumbs on the Trail exercises and access to your guide in forums and teleconferences. All are yours to keep!

Meet your guides and learn more about a Parenting As A Hero’s Journey Virtual Retreat below…

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 What Will I Experience, Learn and Keep?


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Why conscious parenting IS a modern incarnation of the ancient hero’s journey – a journey with “no path!”

How to spot and avoid the traps of soul-draining modern, uber parenting mythology.

How to create daily habits that allow you to draw strength, wisdom and inspiration for your rite-of-parenthood journey.

How to immerse yourself in the natural magic of connection with your self, partner and child.

How parenthood, unlike any other rite-of-passage you will face, provides the greatest adventure of your lifetime.


What Are Parents Saying?

“I am a HERO!! YAH! you have helped me SEE that, Robin and Rebecca helped me ACCEPT that, and today my son and I had a beautiful day after a weekend of trauma and it is because you gave me the chance to meet Robin Grille. THANK YOU. What I received this week was gold dust for me, that will gift me for a very very long time.” – Mary and Flynn




Robin Grille, Author of Parenting for a Peaceful Worldrobin
Kelly Wendorf, Author of Belonging and Founder of Kindred Magazinekw125x125

Karen Brody, “Birth” Playwright and Founder of BOLD Tranquility
Karen Brody

Lysa Parker and Barbara Nicholson, Authors of Attached At The Heart  and Founders of API

lysa and barbara

Elly Taylor, Author of Becoming Us, Contributing Editor, Kindred Mediaelly

Teresa Graham-Brett, JD, Author of Parenting for Social Change and Founder of The Parent Liberation Allianceteresa graham brett

Michael Mendizza, Author of Magical Parent, Magical Child and Founder of Touch the Futuremichael mendizza

John Breeding, PhD, Author of The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses and Founder of Texans for Safe Educationjohn breeding

Meryn Callander, Author of Why Dads Leave: Insights and Resources for When Partners Become ParentsMeryn Callander Head Shot 2-15

Rebecca Thompson, MS, Author of Consciously Parenting and Founder of The Consciously Parenting ProjectRebecca Thompson 250x250

Lisa Reagan, Executive Editor for Kindred Media, Founder of Families for Conscious Living and Creator of Parenting As A Hero’s Journeylisareagan250x250

Your WISEST GUIDE OF ALL IS… YOU!!! Join Your Fellowship of the Sling Adventurers and Become the Hero of Your Own Journey!PAHJ Banner Family Photo



Will You Answer The Call?


Parenting As A Hero’s Journey is a nonprofit educational initiative using the elements of curiosity, fun and imagination to support parents in exploring their personal stories while unmasking modern parenting mythologies.  This initiative gathers the thought leaders, pioneers, authors and activists of the conscious parenting movement together in LIVE and ON DEMAND virtual retreats that allow the participants to experience a Deep Dive into themselves with the presenter’s compassionate guidance and expertise.

PAHJ calls upon the insights of Joseph Campbell’s Great Monomyth Wheel – the universal structure of storytellers – that helps us as individuals and communities to create and understand the personal and collective stories/mythologies we live by.  As Campbell teaches us, we all makie daily and life choices through these personal mythologies, which serve as our lenses, or worldviews. Campbell believes it is our unique quest to discover these personal mythologies and then to retool them to our higher purposes. With parents, many of these mythologies are passed down unconsciously through family traditions and cultural conditioning.  To become aware of and to transcend cultural mythologies – to claim authorship of our individual stories – is the purpose of all forms of conscious parenting.  

If you are a parent who is questioning cultural norms, feeling out of place in the world, or unsatisfied with your assigned “identity” as a parent, you are hearing the ancient “Call To Adventure.” This Call has beckoned and inspired heroines and heroes of ancient and modern mythology to leave their day to day lives in search of “Something Else Our Hearts Believe Is Possible.”  Today, it is parents who answer this ancient call that are transforming themselves, and therefore the world.  Below you will find a collection of this year’s conscious parenthood guides through the monomyth wheel to the left.  Some of these Virtual Retreats are available ON DEMAND while others are LIVE.  We welcome you to join our Fellowship of the Sling and find companions for your journey. Below you will discover…

Parenthood is a transformational journey for parents, just as intense and challenging as childhood is for children. Every new encounter for you and for your child is step into a vast and mysterious unknown. In many ways becoming a parent is like being born. Join a merry band of international travelers – The Fellowship of the Sling – and your compassionate, wise guides in 2015 on an epic quest to explore the emerging realm of conscious parenting.


What is a Virtual Retreat?


A Welcoming Initiation: Each virtual retreat begins with a live call with your guide who will share an overview of the journey ahead.

Breadcrumbs On The Trail: Each virtual retreat includes practical guidance, exercises and love notes emailed three times a week.

The Deep Dive: A webinar that covers the deepest, most profound insights into the guide’s teachings.  This webinar is for you to keep and enjoy.

Personal Connection: You will have a personal connection with your guide in our forums.  You can ask questions about your practical exercises and parenting challenges, as well as find more inspiration for your real life parenting adventure.

Closing Circle: A live call at the end of your three-week journey to share your experience, bid farewell to your fellow travelers and guides and discover ways to keep the momentum going if you like.

Your Facilitator: Rebecca Thompson is a holistic counselor and the founder of the Consciously Parenting Project.  Rebecca will be your facilitator.





More About This Nonprofit Educational And Empowerment Initiative

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