Thank you for Answering the Call!  Please find below the LIVE events still upcoming in 2015 and below the ON DEMAND events that are now available anytime and yours to keep after your purchase.

Please note, as PAHJ is a nonprofit educational initiative of the American 501C3 nonprofit, Families for Conscious Living, we do have a scholarship fund for parents who have financial challenges.  Your support of this program, and tax-deductible donation, is welcome here.  You can apply for this program by contacting us here.


LIVE Upcoming Virtual Retreats


Michael Mendizza, Transcendent Mentoring of This and Future Generations   September 14-30,  REGISTER

John Breeding, The Dangers of Refusing the Call: The Need for Madness and Unproductivity  October 5 – 25, REGISTER

Meryn Callander, Dark Nights of the Soul: How Disentigration of the Old Realities Make Way for a Return to Yourself and Wholeness  November 2-18, REGISTER

Teresa Graham Brett, JD, Claiming Authorship/Authority of Your Story  November 30 – December 16, REGISTER

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ON DEMAND Virtual Retreats



Elly Taylor July 13-29

Elly Taylor, author of Becoming US

Parenthood as a Rite of Passage: The Life-Changing Impact on Individuals and Partners and How to Thrive




Robin Grille 250x250Robin Grille, author of Parenting for a Peaceful World and Heart-to-Heart Parenting

Inner Child, Inner Wisdom: Unmasking The Mythology Of The Modern, Uber Parent